Sunday, August 23, 2009

This month's theme for Creative Every Day is movement. This theme is a timely one for me as I am getting back into running after almost 20 years. I ran Track and Cross Country in High School and College but once I started a family, I found running to be less of a priority

Now that our boys are safely ensconced at college, I have gotten "moving" again. This summer I began working with a trainer and signed up for a half marathon in November. I am finding it challenging to build up my endurance after such a long hiatus. I created these tags to both capture my feelings about running, and also to inspire me to stick with it.

For these collaged tags, I made copies of my training journal, printed workouts from my trainer and used old running photos. I created a series, which I labeled strength...confidence...perseverence...and flow because I feel that these terms capture the movement from fledgling first steps to a state of flow.

I am building my strength gradually by increasing my milage. This is currently a rather painful process. To show this stage, I created a tag for strength. I included workout notes and a photo from college which captures my strength at the time....a strength which I hope to regain.

For the confidence tag, I chose a photo from high school in which I am confidently focused on beginning a race in the driving rain. To capture this focus, I manipulated the image with photo editing software and created a less defined image to place in the background. As I move through strength building, I hope to regain that focus and confidence.

Next, I created a tag for perseverence. Strength and confidence are needed to persevere, and perseverence continues to build strength and confidence. I repeated partial running images to represent the continuity needed to be successful.

Finally, I created a tag depicting flow. To me, this is the feeling that your body is in complete synchronisity. Running is no longer a painful process, but second nature. To capture this concept, I repeated complete and partial images from my early running days to remind myself that this goal is attainable and worth fighting for.

I placed these tags in a shadow box in my office to remind me daily of my goals.

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  1. Oh! I just love these tags you created, Kelly!!! What a fabulous idea and they're beautifully made!