Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Dolls

This month I was excited to actually get the Creative Every Day "connection" project completed and submitted early. As the school year gets busier, I find this harder and harder to do.
I picked up the latest copies of Art Doll Quarterly and Somerset Studio Gallery...two of my favorites. They both have challenges going on presently. The one that most inspired me however, was the "Alice in Wonderland theme" by Somerset Studios. Unfortunately, the work had to be submitted to them by the 15th of October. While Somerset Studios includesmore 2-d, collaged projects, the thought of making Alice in Wonderland dolls was just too tempting.
I managed to re-purpose three Haloween dolls that I had started. The results would have been better had I started from scratch, but I was on my usual time crunch. I pulled out fabric and other material bins from the garage and spent my Sunday in a flurry of activity working on my dolls.

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