Saturday, October 10, 2009

Illustration Friday

This month's theme on Creative Every Day is "connect". One suggestion was to make a virtual connection with the Illustration Friday blog. This week's topic at Illustration Friday was "germs". The topic was very appropriate since the flu is currently making its way through our school. I decided to encorporate words and images in my project so that I could later use it as a teaching tool with my first graders.

This seems like a fun connection which I hope to continue making....probably not weekly though. It is very easy at this site to view thumbnails of each person's creation. There are many participants with varying styles and interpretations of the topic of the week. That helped to get my own creative juces flowing. If you haven't visited the site, I would recommend it!

Unfortunatley, by the time that I figured out how to send the required permalink...they were on to a new topic.

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