Saturday, February 12, 2011


This month's theme at Creative Every Day is "Passion". I created a two page spread in my journal on the topic. To me, passion is all about energy and love.

I have become completely addicted to my new IPhone. In addition to all of the communication opportunities it provides, I love taking and manipulating pictures with it. I then printed pictures of things that I am passionate about and created a collage in my journal.

The passion page is all about that I could barely contain as a child and the energy that I gain from the things that I am passionate about. This page includes a picture of Jim and I at one of our most recent trail runs and a picture of me with one of my old childhood friends. My uncle sent me a DVD of my grandmother's old home movies. I snapped a few pictures with my IPhone from the DVD. The image quality is poor, but the blurred quality seems somehow appropriate for these images from the distant past. The DVD brought back such great memories and reminded me of what energy I had as a child...I was a veritable whirling dervish.

The love page represents my love of strongest passion. Includes pictures of both of my boys when we visited them at college recently. It also includes a picture that I took from the DVD of my grandfather. He has been gone almost 30 years now, but he is always in my heart.

I used the cartoon effect from Kodak Easyshare to manipulate the final image.

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