Sunday, May 29, 2011

Metamorphosis 1

photo sparkles effect

Again, June's theme at Creative Every Day is very appropriate. I am scheduled for shoulder surgery in mid July and while it is a routine, out patient surgery, I am very nervous about the recovery time involved. My understanding is that I will have my right arm completely immobilized for 3 weeks. Since I am right handed, this has me very apprehensive. I am a person who goes stir crazy quickly and am not sure how I am going to entertain myself during this time. I am fortunate to be having this during summer break, but worried about being completely recovered to start off the new school year in August.

To help capture these fears, I created a small shadow box assemblage. The figure is cocooned in bubble wrap to express my concern about the fragility and isolation that recovery entails. The blades represent the surgery and my fear of the pain.The Tibetan prayer flag symbolizes my hope that things go smoothly. The silver garland represents the magic of the metamorphosis which I hope takes place through this process. I hope to have my mobility back and be pain free to start the new school year. I also hope that this break from running (which I am not at all looking forward to) will leave me fresh and ready to come back strong in August. I hope to have the post-metamorphosis project posted by the end of the June.

I also found a great animation application online, called Glitterboo, to add a bit of sparkle.


  1. What a great idea for a shadow box. I love the all the symbolism that you chose.

    Good luck on your surgery!

  2. Checking out your page from CED... A few years ago I had to have shoulder surgery on my right side and yup, right handed too. I hope your surgery goes well and gets rid of your pain.