Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mad Tea Party 2013

This year I am trying some new endeavors. I am attenpting to run 13 half marathons in 2013. I was so excited to see that there is an Alice in Wonderland themed virtual race by the Moms Run This Town group in Georgia. The medal is very cool. I can't wait to earn the medal while running at the cabin in July! I have also become fascinated with miniature combines two of my favorite things. So for this year's Mad Tea Party, I created my own "Alice in a cup" mini garden.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Projects

For the December birthday club get together, we had a chocolate theme so I put together chocolate themed treat bags. I had fun crafting the little chocolates for the cards. I made some extras to add to my scrapbook page later. Good times!
Jim was really bummed that we missed a post Mayan apocolypse race that was in the area after 12/12/12 so we invited a bunch of our friends for an impromptu trail run on Christmas Eve. I made t-shirts with iron on transfers and made clay medals for everyone. I had a ceramic mayan stamp which proved super helpful for the medal design. We topped it all off with hot chololate and churros at the half way point. It was a great way to kick off the holidays!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November projects

For the New York Marathon, I made "Good Luck" keychains for me and my running buddies.
I even took one of the pieces and made it into a lucky necklace for the trip.
Along with the keychains, I made New York themed cards for my friends.
Unfortunately, all that extra luck didn't help when the race was cancelled. We had a nice weekend in New York and then went home to re group. After all of that training for the last 6 months, I had to get my marathon in so I signed up for the Spacecoast Marathon in Cocoa Beach. With some iron on print fabric and acrylic paints, my New York jersey was revisioned.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Projects

As busy as it has been, there are just too many fun opportunities for crafting this month!
I am running a "Bride of Frankenstein" 5k at the end of the month with some of my friends and we all decided to wear costumes. The race is giving out custom designed tutus to the winners. Since this will not be an option for me, I decided to make my own tutu. It was really easy to do. There are even You tube videos to show you how. I'm going to be adding some other pieces to the costume, but the tutu is done!
I signed up to bring a centerpiece to our Birthday Club get together this month. i love the polka dot flowers and other "fixins'" that I found at Michaels...and they were already on clearance....sccore!
Since I was already planning to dress up as Alice in Wonderland for our school character parade, I talked Jim into going to the party as the Mad Hatter. Unfortunately, the "one size fits all" hat that I ordered on line could not accomodate his cranium. I had to cut wedges in the front and back. I covered this up and added some pizazz with the left overs from the centerpiece creation. I love Fall!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Projects

Wow, between the beginning of the school year and fall marathon training, the month of September passed in a blur!
here is the design that I created for the front of my jersey for New York Marathon. I heard that there is amazing crowd support...which I will need to get my carcass across the finish line. I have been battling sickness (Strep, etc.) and feet issues as I have been amping up my training miles.
I created both designs on publisher and uploaded to a company that makes them into shirts. I was thrilled to find this city skyline graphic on line. For a very reasonable price I could purchase the image and then crop only the pieces that I wanted in the design. The other images were free clipart. Ahhh, the joys of technology!

August 2012

I am just getting around to posting some projects that I created in August. The school year is off to a great start....but I'm super busy.
I took advantage of the time in the car coming back from vacation to get some crafting done. A group of my friends are running in an upcoming color run here in Tampa. Our team name is "Scrambled Leggs". I created a design for our group t-shirt. I got a chance to use some cool new leg stamps that I ordered for the trip.
Here is a design that I created while playing around with my new stamps...very fun!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mad Tea Party 2012: West Virginia Wonderland

For the Mad Tea Party 2012, Alice joined me on my Northern Summer tour. We had lots of fun seeking out adventure.
The adventure began at the Botanic Gardens in Washington D.C.
In this beautiful place, she took a moment to enjoy a cup of tea.
While sipping her tea, Alice saw a white blur dart into the garden. Following, she caught up with a white rabbit in the Children’s garden. The rabbit apologized for interrupting her snack and invited Alice to join him and some friends for tea. Before Alice could get directions though, the rabbit darted off into the garden.
While looking for the rabbit amongst the hot house orchids, Alice lost her footing and fell into a hidden crevice.
Fortunately, she landed on a bed of the softest moss.
Feeling disoriented after her fall, Alice was amazed to see she had been transported from the gardens to the mountains of West Virginia.
She wandered the woods until she came to a sign. Hoping that she would find someone to help her find the white rabbit, Alice turned into the drive.
She came upon a cabin.
As she walked toward the cabin, she spotted a mysterious tree covered with bottles.
As she stood there admiring the trees, along came a frog, walking on his hind legs and carrying a barrel of bottles.
Alice explained that she was trying to find her friend the white rabbit. The frog explained that he could not help her but that there were magical creatures all around her. She could just not see them because she was not of the forest folk. The frog took a small bottle filled with a magic brew and told Alice to take a sip.
No sooner had she taken a sip than she spotted a gnome standing by a strange little thatched hut.
Alice asked if he knew the white rabbit. The gnome did not, but directed Alice to a learned fairy that lived nearby. The fairy was deeply involved in a book. Alice tried several times to get her attention, but she appeared to be caught in the book’s spell.
Alice became frustrated and finally walked off. She wandered through a field of huge mushrooms. After a time, she became increasingly tired and stopped to rest.
As she rested, along came a gentleman who looked like Father Christmas. Upon hearing her plight, he told her that he had just passed the White Rabbit taking tea and generously offered to give Alice a lift there.
The White Rabbit was delighted to see Alice and asked her where she had been. Alice shared her adventures as rabbit poured tea.
Along came a most unusual looking fellow with a tall top hat. The White Rabbit introduced Alice to his friend, the Mad Hatter.
The three had a lovely afternoon, sharing stories and enjoying tea and tarts.
Then it was time to return home. Alice said "Goodbye" to her friends and sought out the frog with his magic elixirs.
He knew just the right one to take her back home.
She thanked the frog for all of his help and took a sip. In the blink of an eye,she was in front of the beautiful Botanic Gardens once again. Alice packed up her tea things. Also tucked away, were lovely memories of her magical time with new friends in West Virginia.